One final challenge (before beta)

TADA! The alpha version of my tower defense game. (this link might not be operational for very long)

It might only work in chrome, because of the webkit dominance of mobile. If you try it with firefox and it doesn’t work, just send me a note in the comments.

A little extra about it: Before our meeting about the game progress, it was suggested that one of the features that could be included in the alpha was fast-fowarding the game. At first I thought it couldn’t really be done, because my game engine was based on actual time. So I can’t just speed up time.

After I thought about it, I thought, I can fake it… I make a time multiplier that will basically run the logic loop however many times you specify (instead of the default 1). It will also change the game’s time to a near guess of what it would be if time were sped up.

This proved to be a good feature because of the pause button. I had a bug happen whenever you switched to a different time and paused the game where massive amounts of enemies would appear. This was, of course, because the engine is time based. So it kept thinking it should be making sprites even though the game was paused because actual time had passed.

Now the pause button also changes the game time 🙂