Android vs Apple Smackdown

I’ve long had the debate within Morphosis Games that we should target cross platform rather than just one platform (In particular iOS).

The argument is that iOS is the big money maker, so that should be our first and primary market. Judging by the latest download of the recently released Fairy Tale Twist, this might be true. Certainly iOS leads in number of downloads.

Though we, being the empirical sciency types at MG, decided to do a real test.

MG will try to complete a very very simple tower defense game. One just for iOS, and another written in a cross platform framework (cordova, using webgl for performance). We’ll throw them at the app store and make a comparison.

We’ll also compare the time it took to make the apps and if the apps are comparable (as we know that cordova being HTML5 based is likely to suffer from lag more than a native solution).

Even if Android has less downloads if the time it takes to make the app for both is comparable to native, and the feedback is generally the same, well, then maybe cross platform will win. If not, then iOS for the win.

Let the games begin!