Networking trouble

So last night I did a trial run with family in another state.


The networking is not ready.

– Time clocks on the computers were out of sync, I was kinda reliant on that.
– The minimum time to have a packet acknowledgement before resending it was 300ms, the ping was often 500ms or more.
– Sometimes the ping was bad because the game was working too hard on poly trails.
– The game would randomly not clean out models, which would become junk in the game.

And probably other stuff that I couldn’t catch!

All these problems make me think I need to be serious about testing in games. At work code testing is vital, but at home it can still be a time saver.


2 thoughts on “Networking trouble

  1. Have you tried hosting the software on a virtual server? Also have you tried utilizing a VPN connection to force synchronization?…. Just thoughts.


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