Networking Ack

I’ve just finished making an Acknowledgement system for the game networking. Why bother doing ack’s when I’m using UDP?

There are some critical parts of the game that absolutely need to be communicated clearly or the whole thing will erupt in chaos:

  1. Hellos to the server when getting things set up
  2. Map and dynamic level data (objects created beyond what the map contains)

And I’ll probably need more when this project is more mature. EVEN MORE REASONS!

So now I’ve got a nifty function that will return a promise. The promise gets resolved as soon as it gets acknowledgement from the network.

Of course most of the update packets are going to use plain old UDP without extra acks. They will be sent so often that it won’t matter.

Lots more to do. Still hoping to get the 0.0.2 release done this Saturday.